About Us

BNT World is the international channel of the Bulgarian National Television – the only public TV broadcaster in Bulgaria. It has a 24-hour program, which is available in four continents and connects Bulgarians abroad with their home country. The channel started in 1999 as TV Bulgaria and initially transmitted 11-hour program daily. Since its launching up until now, the satellite channel of BNT has been striving to show the reality of Bulgaria in order to inform and to satisfy the cultural tastes of the three and a half million compatriots who live outside the country, to keep the Bulgarian traditions and language alive amongst them. This goal determines the slogan of BNT World: “Always At Home”. Since 2003 BNT World is a member of the Bruges Group.

The program schedule of BNT World contains News, Sports Broadcasts Live, Entertainment Broadcasts, Educational Programs, Cultural Programs, Documentaries and Feature Films.
The own rubrics, the best of the schedules of the regional channels of BNT, the best of the Archives of BNT 1 /the terrestrial channel of BNT/ and the documentaries output by independent producers make the program schedule of BNT World diverse and attractive not only for Bulgarians abroad but for the audience in Bulgaria as well.

The Satellite Channel of BNT aims to present а complete picture of the life in Bulgaria with its own programs:

Every Sunday the rubric BG guide shows beautiful places, hospitable people and possibilities for tourism in Bulgaria. The rubric is transmitted with subtitles in English.

We can also do it   is a 30-minute program which presents the achievements of the Bulgarian business, science and education. Every Wednesday at 22:30 the audience gets to know with the business environment in Bulgaria through the personal stories of successful and innovative people. The program is translated in English.

The cultural events during the week are on focus every Saturday at 10:00 through an hour talk show which reviews the facts from the cultural life of the country in a different light.

In 2005 BNT World released Lessons in Bulgarian in order to respond to the needs of tuition in a native language. Divided in four levels from beginners to advanced, the course is helpful for the youth generation of Bulgarians all over the world trying to keep the literary Bulgarian language in their families.
Retro sport and The best of… recall unforgettable moments from the most successful sports and cultural events during the past years and present contemporary points of view of the participants in them.
The viewers’ hour - this rubric provides the possibility for the viewers from all over the world to participate in the shows via Skype, a blog, video materials and over the phone. Bulgarians residing in different countries tell about how they live there, present the Bulgarian communities, the Bulgarian schools and the media abroad. The main idea of this program is to become a mediator between the viewers outside the country and the actual life in Bulgaria.
 I returned - aims to give information to the Bulgarians who have decided to return back to Bulgaria permanently. The program looks for and finds out answers to the questions that interest the audience regarding their adaptation back in the country of origin.
After Bulgaria became an EU member, the necessity of a new informative program occurred. European diary informs the audience about the decisions of the European institutions and how they would influence the everyday life of the EU citizens. The program is transmitted on a weekly basis on Saturday.


Distribution of BNT World in Europe

Satellite Astra 4А
Orbital Position 5 Е
Frequency 12.722 GHz
Polarization Vertical
SR: 1600
FEC: 3/4

E: bntsat@bnt.bg

T: (+359 2) 943 6003, 814 2533; 814 2603 (technical matters)
Web: www.bnt.bg